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Globotech Networks Inc. is a corporation based out of Santa Clarita, California, USA with branches in El Salvador, Guatemala and Costa Rica. Having over 10 years of experience, Globotech Networks has developed an extensive network of vendors, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Contract Electronic Manufacturers, resellers and distributors, and together we can guarantee quality products and excellent procurement services.

Our company specializes primarily in buying and selling Wireless and Wireline Telecom Equipment, from spares to complete stations. We install and de-install complete networks and have a team of highly trained professionals that will save you endless time and money. We help all of our customers get a fair market price for old telecom equipment and scrap. In addition, we buy and sell electronic components to a wide variety of OEM’s, CM’s and whole sale distributors.

As a family-owned business, we view our customers as integral parts of our extended family network. Our Globotech Sales team is here to work with you on an individual basis and we are always available to help provide solutions to your requirements. No company is either too big or too small. Utilizing our vast network of vendors, Globotech makes sure no stone is left unturned when it comes to acquiring end results. Search throughout our extensive product listings or call in your requirement. Our Globotech sales team is here for you. 

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